Sleepy’s Theme – The Vinyl Room : Digitally Re-Released

If you’ve never heard it or haven’t heard in a while Sleepy’s Theme – The Vinyl Room is now released on all digital formats including ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc.





1. Intro
2. Can’t Let Go
3. Court Room
4. Choked Out Satuday Night
5. Still Smokin’
6. The Carwash
7. Simply Beautiful
8. Bong Experience Dude!!
9. Fallin’ In Love Again
10. Curse On You
11. Black Cherry
12. Grind On
13. The Ride (Private Party)
14. Private Party
15. Conversation
16. Menage A Trois
17. 4:30 AM



2 replies on “Sleepy’s Theme – The Vinyl Room : Digitally Re-Released”

I was obsessed with it. I’m going to get it again because of course I got jacked. I don’t speak to that person to this day. LOL

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